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Digitization- Document Management Solution

      Organizations around the world have implemented Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions, Document Management (DM) systems, and their associated workflow applications. Their goal is to create paperless business processes that can streamline their operations, improve productivity, centralize and control their information, and easy access across locations.


         SigniFlow™ is a digital signature workflow manager that enhances and fully digitizes any process that requires a document to be signed or approved. For anything from the most basic requirements, such as employees having to sign leave applications and their managers approving or rejecting them, to ultra- complex processes that require both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive and legal documents, SigniFlow has the answer.

          SigniFlow integrates with most backend enterprise applications, network infrastructures, and print management services while at the same time employing technologies that benefit such environment such as API’s, database lookup, XML and other industry standards to name a few

            DocFlowTM seamlessly takes care of the A to Z when it comes to the automation of business processes. Once a business process is mapped, simply create input and output rule-based folders in DocFlow to manage the flow of data and documents from the initial input to the ultimate archiving destination.

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