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Access & Identity Management Solutions

     In today’s constantly evolving landscape of human interaction in the IT sector, access to people in an organization and the flow of information among them should be properly managed to ensure the safety of the organization’s assets. Metro Edge has enterprise solutions for access control, payment and identity management and we are in partnership with FingerTec.


        We are capable of supplying and installing world-class integrated security controls for access to organizations’ locations and premises. Our Access Control solutions can be integrated into an organization’s database and come with several security layers to ensure and prevent unauthorized access and intrusion while adhering to defined protocols agreed by the organization. We employ next-generation scalable technology like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and devices, which support greater data volumes and provide better communication.

Identity Management

    Using RFID technology, we can provide staff identity management for organizations wanting a more robust, efficient and reliable system for information on their staff. Our solution technology is capable of organizing information on staff, their activity and location at any time. It can be used, for example, to manage attendance, remuneration, pay grade, job scope and performance of staff in the organization. Our solutions can be deployed in various areas like healthcare, mining, education, transportation and security.

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